Original 6″ Teflon Eductor

6″ Teflon Eductor (Model ASP-500T6)
4″ Teflon Eductor (Model ASP-500T4)
6″ Eductor in Stainless Steel (Model ASP-500S6)

These Teflon Aspirators can be used as a

  • Gas aspirator
  • Air aspirator
  • Liquid aspirator or Venturi vacuum pump

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Model NumberDescriptionPhoto
ASP-500T66" Teflon eductorsmall-teflon
ASP-500T44" Teflon eductor4-inch-small
ASP-500S66" eductor in stainless steelstainless-steel-small

Made from 1.5” Dia. X 6” or 4″ long Teflon, this aspirator was originally manufactured by Lockwood & McLorie, Inc. and developed in cooperation with the DuPont Instrument Products Group in 1965.

The aspirator is a very simple device with no moving parts to wear out. Standard materials of construction are a Teflon* body with a Kel-F** jet insert.  Now available in 316ss. Other materials can be furnished on request. (Tee-type aspirators in 316SS, Teflon*, titanium, hastalloy-C, etc are also available.)

Because Teflon* and Kel-F** are quite inert, corrosion has not been experienced.  The simplicity of the aspirator precludes expensive repairs.

*   Teflon is a DuPont trademark.
** Kel-F is a 3M Company trademark.


The primary use of the aspirator is to draw gas samples from the atmosphere, from stacks, or from processes to a continuous gas analyzer. In addition, they have been used for pumping or lifting liquid samples, filling reagent tanks and for controlled dilution of liquid streams.

Nearly any fluid can be used as motive power and most fluids can be pumped with these aspirators.  However, where the fluid to be moved is gas, gas or air should be used as the motive fluid for greatest efficiency.  Where liquids are to be pumped, the motive fluid should be liquid.


Gas Phase

The charts below illustrate the performance characteristics typical of our aspirators.

Performance Graphs

Vacuum vs sample flow rate for several motive pressures


Relative Performance of the Motiv-Air-Torr versus Competitor Aspirators

Performance Chart

Liquid Phase

Liquid driven eductors are gaining greater acceptance and application as a reliable method of transporting liquid samples to process analyzers.  Whether driven by water or process fluid, designers are realizing their value and increasingly incorporating these ‘pumps’ in sample systems. Read more.

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