Micro-Flo Eductor: Ultra-Efficient, Low Flow Aspirator

Micro-Flo Aspirator

Micro-Flo Aspirator

Introducing the new ultra-efficient, low flow aspirator that surpasses the performance of any standard aspirator.

Conveniently incorporated into stainless steel tube fitting Tee’s, the Micro-Flo is easily integrated, leak-free, into an analyzer or monitor system. Remote sampling, drawing low pressure process streams and sampling slightly negative pressure process or stack gases is a ‘breeze’ with the Micro-Flo system. These ultra-efficient aspirators use <5% of the motive air of standard aspirators yet are able to educt samples at a flow rate that will fulfill the majority of sample system requirements.


Typical setup for a specific mix ratio or dilution

Typical setup for a specific mix ratio or dilution

Typical setup for a specific mix ratio or dilution

  • Remote sampling
  • Drawing low-pressure process streams
  • Sampling slightly negative pressure process or stack gases

Why Use the Micro-Flo?

The Micro-Flo aspirator offers ease of operation, simple and inexpensive installation, elimination of maintenance and cost savings in capital and continuous operation.

  • EASE OF OPERATION: For single point analyzer systems (e.g. area monitor, NDIR, oxygen measurement, …) this is a ‘set and forget’ application. A sample flow of 1 LPM is produced with the air pressure set at 10-30 psig.
  • SAVINGS: Air or gas usage is <5% that of standard aspirators. The savings exceed one million SCF of instrument air annually. The Micro-Flo can be used to mix process samples with air at a closely controlled ratio, minimizing the amount of consumed process gas when used as the motive force (e.g. natural gas pipeline).
  • IT’S SAFE: Intrinsically safe: no electrical circuits
  • NO MAINTENANCE: No moving parts, no maintenance
  • SIMPLE AND INEXPENSIVE INSTALLATION: Made inside a standard ¼” (and 6mm) tubing Tee. Easily integrated into any sampling system. Choose your fitting connection: compression, NPT


Performance characteristics of the Micro-Flo are illustrated in the following graphs. Extended curves at higher motive pressures available on request. For greater detail including dilution ratios and vacuum levels, view MicroFlo Flow Performance & Dilution Ratios (PDF).

Figure 1: motive air use vs pressure. Air use plotted in slpm.


Figure 2: sample flow rate vs motive pressure


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