DBA Debubblers

DBA debubbler assembly

DBA debubbler assembly

The DBA debubbler assembly is a kinetic phase separator that removes gases from low viscosity process sample streams.

Installation instructions (PDF)


The DBA, a degassing apparatus, has been in use since 2004 for the continuous removal of gases from liquid sample streams for on-line analysis. The reliability of the DBA is reflected in the fact that these analyzers are utilized in closed loop control of chemical processes. Application of the DBA has ranged from separating 50-60% gas from organic oxidizer and distillation column sample streams to removing hydrogen bubbles from continuous autoclave samples at 300 C and 180 bar.


  • Any measurement that is sensitive to or interfered by a two phase medium, e.g. physical property measurements, density, specific gravity, etc
  • Specific volume grab samples taken for lab analysis
  • On-line analytical measurements requiring repeatable sample volumes, e.g. process GC, on-line LC, titration, TOC or other waste water measurement.
  • Continuous optical measurements for compositional or color analysis (mid-IR, NIR, Visible, UV) are especially susceptible to light scattering by entrained bubbles. Light scattering from gas bubbles presents significant problems for optical analysis.
  • Separation of gas bubbles from low viscosity liquid streams

Why Use the DBA Debubbler Assembly?

Simple integration into a sample system using leak-free compression fittings. Supplied as a component or as a subsystem to be integrated into a sample conditioning system

Safe, effective phase separation of gas from liquid samples

Continuous separation for on-line process analysis

No moving parts, no maintenance

Modified to fit your pressure and temperature requirements

316 SS construction

Assure critical analyses for process control and profitability

How to Order

Standard debubbler part numbers

  • DBA-810-S-2600 = debubbler assembly, 3/8”
  • DBA-1610-S-2600 = debubbler assembly, ½”

Material of construction for the DBA is 316 SS. Equipment pressure and temperature ratings can be tailored to your requirements. Please contact us with process conditions and design requirements.

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